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Mr.Phiraphongs Techavachara
Our President

Petch Thai Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1952, formally known as “Thai Heng Lee Lee Partnership Limited”. We started our business as a distributor of Caltex Oil Co., Ltd., providing fuels to Thai Windmills and other type of industries ie. rubber, paints and oil production.


In 1972 China finally opened its doors to foreign trading and Petch Thai Chemical was the first company in Thailand to officially trade chemicals from China.  One of the first products we imported from China was White Oil, which we imported directly from Chinese government.


One year later our company’s business expanded twofold.  In 1973 we increased our capital and registered Thai Heng Lee Lee Limited Partnership under a new name as “Petch Thai Chemical Co., Ltd.” to show more commitment to our business partners.

Thai Heng Lee Lee Limited Partnership is proud to be appointed to become Sole Distributor of Shiraishi Calcium Kaisha Japan for their Calcium Carbonate products under Hakuenka brand in Thailand. Shiraishi Calcium Kaisha is accepted worldwide for its exceptional quality chemicals for more than 100 years.

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